Affiliate F.A.Q

How and when do I get paid?

iP uses a third party to disburse payments to its affiliates. The third party is YOU MUST HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT IF YOU WANT TO GET PAID. Kindly review any of PayPal’s payment terms and conditions. Payments are disbursed on the first business day of every month for the previous month. The minimum account balance required is $15. If your account balance is below $15, payment will be held and disbursed when you have reached a balance of $15 or more. (IF YOU ARE A NEW AFFILIATE, YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR FIRST DISBURSEMENT WITHIN 60 DAYS OF REACHING THE DISBURSEMENT THRESHOLD, CURRENTLY $15. Afterward, as per the regular schedule, on the 1st business day of every month.)  A customer can/may dispute a charge for up to 60 days, and if during that time a refund is issued, the commission amount which was awarded to your affiliate account for the sale resulting in the commission will be deducted from your current balance;  if payment has already been disbursed, then the commission amount will be deducted from your future disbursement. Affiliate agreement

I didn’t receive my payment. What happened?

There is a 45 day delay for payment distribution to new affiliates to help prevent affiliate fraud. After the the initial 45 day delay, payments are disbursed on the first business day of every month for the previous month. To get paid you must have accrued $15 or more in commissions to your account.  PLEASE MAKE SURE  THAT YOU PROVIDE THE CORRECT PAYPAL EMAIL YOU WANT TO RECEIVE PAYMENTS AT WHEN YOU SIGN-UP FOR THE AFFILIATE PROGRAM.  If we are unable to verify your information, EMAIL, TAX ID, ADDRESS, disbursement may be held until the issue has been resolved. Please make sure to provide correct information.

Can I promote site/products by sending out unsolicited email/text message/other method?

Affiliates found using SPAM/UNSOLICITED EMAIL MESSAGE to promote site/products will have their account terminated without pay. Affiliate agreement

Can I make my own ads / banners /text links for advertising?

Please log in and click on Ads link to view links and banner creatives available to you. You may also make your own text link(s) or banner(s) that promote a product from the site. E.g. if you wanted to promote Business Booster at you could create a text link like this, Business booster – Get The Tools To Boost Your Business Over The Top making sure to include your affiliate id at the end of the link, i.e., You can do this for any product you find at our site, grabbing the URL link  and all/part of the product’s description text for your link, from your browser by coping it. This is the only approved method of creating your own text/html/banner(s) – they should be clear, so your visitor(s) know(s) what to expect.

Can I use my affiliate link to make a test purchase?

Yes.  However, keep in mind the purchase will be live, so you will be able to download the order afterward.  After you’ve completed your test sale via your affiliate link, you must inform us by using the contact form, that you’ve placed a test sale. Commission awarded for test sales will not be paid and removed from affiliate’s account. There’s no refund for a test purchase and the product(s) you purchase is yours to keep.  If an affiliate is found abusing their affiliate link, making multiple test sales to get commission, His/Her account will be forfeited and affiliate’s account will be terminated.