Q: How can I access iP’s secure URL (SSL / https)?
A: Although iP uses 3rd party credit card processing vendors which have already implemented SSL / Https to securely process iP payments for you , you can still access iP’s secure URL / Website by clicking this URL https://income-products.com or entering the URL exactly as it appears into your browser’s address bar. 

Q: Do I need a PayPal account to place an order?
A: No! Once at the PayPal checkout page, simply click Pay with Debit or Credit Card. Afterward you’ll be redirected to PayPal’s secure page to enter your payment information and once you’ve completed your transaction, you’ll be redirected back to income-products.com’s download page.

Q: Can I download my order after purchase?
A: YES! Every product at this site is downloadable after purchase, i.e., Books (eBooks), Software, Other, everything. In addition to download access, an order totaling $25 or more will also be shipped on data DVD disc to the address (usually the address on file with PayPal ) used for placing the order, FREE of charge, within 48hrs.. You can also place a request for shipping, if your order does not total $25 or more. You can place a request by using the support link including your order number, and after paying the calculated shipping / handling amount sent via email invoice,  your request for shipping will be fulfilled with-in 48hrs. IP ships only to USA ($3.75), CANADA ($11.75), address.

Q: I didn’t receive a welcome email after purchase with any instructions on how to download my order. What happened?
A: After purchase you will be redirected to the download page which you can bookmark if you like. Simply enter your email address used earlier for access. Alternately, you can also check the email address (SPAM/TRASH FOLDER TOO) used for your purchase to find your login credentials. If you checked out via PayPal, then your log in info / download link(s) will be sent to your email address on file with PayPal. If after checking your email (SPAM/TRASH FOLDER TOO), you still can’t find your welcome email, please use the support link to contact us, including your Paypal email/Transaction ID/Receipt #. If you include your SMS phone # with your message, iP can text your login info in addition to messaging the info to your email.  You can also receive your login credentials by texting the word  “iplogin” followed by the email you used for your purchase, (e.g., iplogin me@myhost.com) to 18185144578, a reply by the system can take up to 8 minutes.

Q: What is your site’s Exchange/Refund policy?
A: Your purchase is protected by a 90 day exchange/refund policy: If a product purchased from our site is not as described, or does not function as stated, please use the support link to let us know if and which product you want to exchange for. Exchange / Refund time is within 2-48hrs. max.

Q: I purchased multiple items but some are not showing up for download. What happened?
A: Be assured that if an item you’ve purchased is not showing in your download list, that the Admin for iP has already been notified by iP’s state of the art monitoring program and the issue should be resolved shortly. You should see any missing item(s) with-in a couple of hours or less in your download list. Since iP has new products being added on a daily basis, they are first scanned by the system, and sometimes they are held for Admin review. If after 24hrs. iP cannot provide the item for download for any reason, the item’s purchase price will be refunded.

Q: I downloaded a file but I can’t find it on my computer/device. Where’s my download?
A: Firefox and Chrome both automatically download files to the Downloads folder of the currently logged in user. Watch these videos to learn how to access your downloads on a PC. And if you used your wireless device to download, for Android devices you’ll find your download in the download folder of your device, once you’ve connected it to your computer’s usb port.

Q: How do I un-compress .zip or .rar files?
A: Click the Tools link / Tools folder, download 7zip or other compression tool needed and install. After install is complete, double click the compressed file you want to use, and drag its content(s) anywhere on your desktop. If that doesn’t work, open the compression utility you just installed and from its interface navigate to where the compressed file is at, you should be able to open the compressed file from with in the UI of the utility.

Q: How do I watch videos?
A: Most of the videos require that you download the compressed video file(.zip, .rar) version to your computer first, and uncompress to a folder on your computer. Once you’ve uncompressed, you should be able to click the video file to start playing. If you can see a file named index, or index.html included in any of the video folders, you can click it – it will open your browser and begin playing the video from with-in that folder.

Q: When I try to play a video file I only hear the audio and can’t see the video. What’s wrong?
A: The video player you’re using does not have the proper codec installed to play the video file you want to see – so it can only play the audio part of the video. To remedy this issue browse to the Tools folder. Install VLCPlayer from the Media Player folder, run the app after installation, and use it to view your video file(s).  Your other option is to update the video player you’re currently using, or install a newer version.

Q: I want to request a product to be added to the site. How do I place my request?
A: Please visit the Support area and use the support form there to send us the title of the product(s) you would like available for purchase at iP.

Q: How can I make money from the products at this site?
A: Please visit the Resource area to learn about how you can earn an income from re-selling the products available at this site.