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    The Beginners Guide To Setting Up A WordPress Website / Blog

    The Beginners Guide To Setting Up A Wordpress Website / Blog Is The Ultimate Video Series For Those About To Venture Into The Powerful World Of Wordpress Blogging And Site Creation. Here’s Just Some Of What You Will Learn soon:

    How to set up web hosting
    How to install Wordpress on your server
    Changing the look of your site using FREE themes
    Adding functionality by installing plugins
    Using pages, posts, categories and tags
    Using Widgets
    Using Menus
    Setting up a blog
    Setting up a site
    Setting up a lead capture page
    … and lots more

    Intro video

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    Effective Paid Traffic Sources

    Learn the Effective Paid Traffic Sources!

    If you are a blogger, affiliate marketer or a product launch owner, traffic is very important to your online business. Paid traffic can be paid advertisements like Google Adwords or Facebook Ads and other web property platforms. Learn more inside this video course and be guided effectively.

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    Learn How and Where to Find How New Traffic Source

    Learn How and Where to Find How New Traffic Source!

    If you are a blogger, website owner or an affiliate marketer, driving traffic to your offer or blog is it’s life-blood.

    That’s why finding new sources of traffic in various platform should be necessary. The thing is that, you might end up become confuse on which campaign you should do first.

    The good news is that inside this product you are about to learn the where you can find those highly-targeted traffic in various sources on the internet.

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    Online Business Mastery Video Training Course For Entrepreneurs

    Download Our Online Business Mastery HD Video Training Course Today!

    This training course has been created to help all budding entrepreneurs!  Start an online business in an affordable and safe way, while avoiding many of the common pitfalls.

    Inside this course, you are about to learn the following chapters:

    Video 01: Online Business Mastery HD Video Training

    Video 02: Why do you want to start an online business?

    Video 03: Major Online Business Models

    Video 04: Creating an Online Business

    Video 05: Setting Up Your Online Business

    Video 06: Online Branding and Advertising

    Video 07: Setting up Google Analytics

    Video 08: Developing Online Marketing Framework

    Video 09: Building Your Traffic Acquisition Strategy

    Video 10: Using Content Marketing to Connect with Audiences

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    WordPress Subscribers / Members Only Plugin

    This plugin allows you to hide parts of your WordPress(R) posts and pages from non-subscribers (none-members of your site) and instead invite them to sign up on your WP site to get access. Excellent plugin if you don’t want to spend lots of money on a membership plugin and need a simple subscribers / members only website.

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    Adsense Vsense Theme

    Live Demo (Simple)

    Ready to boost your Adsense earnings using this high CTR WP theme?

    Does Your Adsense or PPC earning never increase? Don’t give up! We’re here to bring you a new WP theme that will help you to boost your Google Adsense or PPC earning.

    This theme will boost your Google Adsense earning. That’s VSense Wordpress theme – cool, clean, and high CTR WordPress theme that’s specially designed for PPC sites.


    • Clean and Cool Design
    • Good Ads Placement
    • Clickbank Ad Placement
    • Easy to Use
    • 5 Stylesheet Colors
    • SEO Optimized
    • Auto Related Post
    • Auto read more & Auto thumbnail
    • And more…

    License:Personal Use Rights (Use on all your domains!)

    Instant download after purchase!

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    amZon WordPress Theme

    Introducing amZon Wordpress theme. A one of a kind theme for WordPress that is specially designed for amazon affiliates in mind. This theme comes with a cool and elegant style. It looks like a real online store, not an affiliate site.

    Simply add any product from Amazon to your site to earn affiliate commission on sales!

    Instructions included:
    Theme Settings
    Posting Amazon Products
    Navbar Menu

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    Back Control WordPress Plugin

    If you want to maximize your marketing effort and don’t want to waste traffic you drove to your website, this amazing plugin is a huge help to boost your conversion rate easily. The plugin is lightweight, super easy to install and use on your website. User manual included.

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    High Quality Web Security Graphics

    Inside this product is a bundle of high quality graphics in the web security niche market which you can use today for your blog and other marketing media you have at hand.

    Includes 35 HIGH-QUALITY (1275 X 1215 Dimention) .png graphic files in the web security niche.

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    Customized Website Presence Hosting Plans

    Affordable personal or business web hosting plans just clicks away!

    Start Building your web presence at $ 2.99/mo

    Get a Domain Name

    With Privacy Protection and lots more

    Get your business online today

    99% uptime for rock-solid performance

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    Website Installation Service

    Add this item to your cart if you are purchasing a website and need installation!

    Installation will be completed within 24-72 hrs.. You will be contacted via your email address for Cpanel / FTP credentials for the server you want your website installed on. You can also send this information via the secure support form after purchase making sure to use the same email used for this purchase so we can identify the order. If for any reason the website cannot be installed on your host do to server incompatibility, your purchase will be refunded within 24hrs., and you will be notified via email / phone provided during purchase.

    This item is a professional website installation service that can be included with your purchase of a website.

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    Graphics Tornado

    Finally… You Can Turn Your Ugly Site Into an Eye-Popping Masterpiece With Over 500+ Done-for-You Stunning Marketing Graphics! 

    • Business Cards
    • Browser Mockups
    • Feature list box
    • Call to action buttons
    • Funnel Illustration
    • Pricing Option
    • Shelves (Woody and Silver)
    • Browser Display
    • Hand Written Text
    • Steps Panel
    • And so much more…

    Download the GraphicsTornadoContents file to see all the graphics included

    Includes  .psd (Photoshop) files so you can input your own info using Photoshop or any other program that can handle .psd files (many available for free on the Internet).

    File Size:150 MB

    License:Personal Use Rights

    Instant Download After Purchase!

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