Shipping Service

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    Shipping USPS First-Class – CD-DVD

    Add this shipping service to your cart and in addition to instant download your order will be shipped on its original CD /DVD to your mailing address. Tracking number is included at no additional cost. This shipping service is good for up to 3 items (For every additional item, please add 1 Shipping Plus). If you have more than 3 items in your cart, please add Shipping Plus – CD-DVD Service to your cart for each additional item, as each product in your cart will be shipped on a separate CD / DVD.

    Shipped within 24-48hrs.
    (Tracking # included)

    Please note this shipping service is available for USA RESIDENTS ONLY (Hawaii and Alaska excluded)
    International orders can only use instant download access (Please check email or login to your account to download)

    CD/DVD Compatibilty

    PC / LAPTOP, ETC. – All versions of windows

    If you have a MAC system, only Ebook, Audio, and Video CD/DVDs will work on your system.